Regarding Personal Information

Important Items Concerning the Handling of Personal Information

FUJI SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “FUJI”) recognizes that the protection of personal information provided to us by clients is a matter of utmost importance, and as such will abide by all related laws and regulations and make all efforts to ensure that the personal information protections outlined below are enforced.

Paragraph 1:

Handling of Personal Information

FUJI will ensure that the personal information of clients is maintained in an accurate and updated manner. In order to prevent improper access to or the loss, damage, falsifying and/or leakage of personal information, FUJI will take any and all necessary measures, including maintaining a security system, establishing an internal information management framework and implementing thorough employee education, as well as enacting safety measures and conducting the strict control of said information.

Paragraph 2:

Scope of Retention and Purpose of Use of Personal Information

FUJI will retain personal information provided with the client’s consent, and will only use said information within the confines agreed upon with the client.

Paragraph 3:

Prohibition of Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

FUJI will appropriately handle personal information provided by the client and will refrain from disclosing said information to a third party unless one of the following sets of circumstances apply:

(1) The client has consented to the disclosure of said information
(2) The client’s personal information must be disclosed to a vendor handling work for FUJI on consignment in order to carry out the service requested by the client
(3) The law dictates that said information must be disclosed for some reason

Paragraph 4:

Conferring of Personal Information

In the event that FUJI provides the personal information of a client to a third party with said client’s consent as stipulated above, FUJI will ensure that said party is obligated by contract not to leak or resupply said information, and has appropriate control measures in place to ensure this process.

Paragraph 5:

Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

(1) The client, in accordance to stipulations under the law regarding the protection for private information, may request the disclosure of personal information that concerns him/her.
(2) To request such a disclosure, please reach the contact center designated in Paragraph 8 below (Contact Center for Inquiries, etc.).
(3) FUJI will notify the client of the particulars concerning disclosure request procedures (necessary documents, etc.).
(4) In the event that information registered as personal information is determined to be unclear or inaccurate, said information shall be promptly corrected or deleted as appropriate.

Paragraph 6:

Request to Cease Use of Personal Information

Should a client submit a request to have the use of personal information ceased, FUJI shall take measures to cease any further use from that point onward.

Paragraph 7:

Amendment of Items

The important items contained herein may be amended to the degree that is necessary through procedures stipulated by law.

Paragraph 8:

Contact Center for Inquiries, etc.

Please address all inquiries regarding these items to the following:

Contact Individual: Kazushi Sugiyama
General Affairs Section
3108 Kashiki-mura, Iga, Mie, 518-1403 Japan
TEL (switchboard): +81-595-46-2211
FAX: +81-595-46-0101

Yoshihide Murakami
Representative Director and President
November 2008